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Product Code: 2Y0201

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Location Available
Order In
Rocklea (QLD) Order In
Brendale (QLD) Yes
Dandenong (VIC) Yes
Campbelfield (VIC) Yes
Sunshine West (VIC) Yes
Geelong (VIC) Yes
Guildford (NSW) Yes
Gosford (NSW) Yes
Ingleburn (NSW) Order In
Cairns (QLD) Yes
Lonsdale (SA) Order In
Port Lincoln (SA) Yes
Regency Park (SA) Order In
Welshpool (WA) Order In

This part is suitable for the following models

Make Model
ISUZU CXY52 10/07-2011
ISUZU CXY51 2006-
ISUZU GVD23 2000-2005
ISUZU FVY34 2008-11
ISUZU FVD32 2000-2002
ISUZU EXY52 06/2000-09/2007
ISUZU EXY52 10/2007-2011
ISUZU FVD23 2000-2007
ISUZU FVY23 2000-2007
ISUZU FXM77 2011- EURO 5
ISUZU FVD34 2003-2007
ISUZU FVL23 2000-2005
ISUZU FVL34 2008-2011
ISUZU CXY51 2001-05
ISUZU FVZ34 2008-11
ISUZU GVR23 1999-2000
ISUZU FXY77 FXZ77 EURO 4 2008-2011
ISUZU GXD77 2008-11
ISUZU FXD77 FXR77 FXL77 EURO 4 2008-2011
ISUZU FYH77 2013-
UD PKC215/ PK245 PK265 2003-
UD PKC210/PK220 PKA220 1999-2002
UD CGB450/CGB452 1992-1996
UD CKB270/CK330 2000-2002
UD PKC310/PK240 PK250 1995-2003
UD PKC212/PK255 2000-2003
UD GWB4D GW400 2008-
UD CWB483/CW385/CW445 2002-
UD CWB481/CW440E 2002-2003